This simple mindfulness exercise helps us become grounded and present, pulling us from anxious worry or ruminating thoughts.

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A friend recently mentioned to me the “5–4–3–2–1” technique they were using when dealing with high anxiety moments or panic attacks. After just a few short minutes, they would feel more grounded and present. They had found it recommended in this Mayo Clinic article.

I found the technique very easy…

A different and fun way of looking at these characters

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Here comes the time for a new post on Process Communication Model (PCM) and my old-time-favourite Harry Potter :).

But, let’s start with the beginning:

Introduction — What is Process Communication Model (PCM)?

PCM is an internationally acclaimed, highly reliable, behaviourally based communication model used to individually tailor connection and motivation and build trust and rapport. PCM profiles…

The neuroscience behind it and its impact on our cognitive performance.

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During my NeuroMindfulness Coach Certification Programme, I have learnt about the concept of the “Stress Curve” and how there is a good side, and a “dark side” of stress. Under its academic name, “the Yerkes-Dodson law”, it describes how cognitive performance evolves with stress levels. …

And it can help in avoiding conflicts and building better relationships

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This article was born from a LinkedIn Post I’ve written recently and which got a lot of attention.

In it, I was mentioning one of the techniques I found very useful in communication, especially when our message is difficult to give (e.g. …

There are some “best-fit career choices”, but it’s not that simple…

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I am frequently asked this question during my Process Communication Model (PCM) sessions and PCM Profile Debriefs. Are there some “best career choices” for the different personality types? Well, yes, there are… but it’s not that simple 😊.

This is why this article will come with a big disclaimer. If…

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